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Wireless Arcade 2 in 1 JAMMA Switch PCB + 2 Jamma Ext Harnesses,Remote,GBS-8118

$ 76.98
This board will allow you play 2 separate games with a jamma connector in one cabinet with the push of a button from the wireless remote.
 On power up, both boards will boot up and you can switch back and forth between the games. 
 I personally took a few hours and tested out all of the switcher boards that I have in stock in my jamma cabinet with a 19-1 and a 60-1 to ensure they work as they should for my piece of mind as well as yours.  That being said, I will not accept returns on static sensitive parts that can easily be destroyed if hooked it up wrong.  If you do not accept these terms do not buy this item from here.
  Included is:
 1 - 2 in 1 Jamma switcher pcb
 1 - Remote with Receiver
 2 - Jamma extension harnesses.  These are needed to connect each of the game boards to the switcher pcb.
 1- 5vdc wiring harness that needs to be hooked up to your power supply in order for the board to switch between games.
Here is the official description:

Install two different JAMMA (or non-JAMMA with the use of a JAMMA Adapter) PCBs into a single JAMMA cabinet with ease! This 2-in-1 MultiJAMMA switcher board is simple to install and works with just a quick press of the button. Included is a wired switch function. 

This 2-in-1 MultiJAMMA Switcher board operates differently than the larger 6-in-1 MultiJAMMA Switcher board. First, both slots (1 & 2) are simultaneously powered on together unlike the 6-in-1 switch will only power on a single slot at once. This provides seamless quick switching between the two installed boards. Also this is a must if installing in a public game room (so the customer does not have to wait for the second game board to power on and test itself if selected...the game would already be up and ready to go). 

Main Features:
Multiple input options (Inputs through JAMMA slots, VGA connections, RGB-S Connections, and L/R Audio inputs)
On initial power up, slot 1 automatically is enabled and plays.
Both slots power on together.
Switcher routes +5VDC, +12VDC, and -5VDC
Switcher routes SERVICE & TEST button functions, plus up to 4 shooter buttons per player.

Setup is quick and easy:

1 - Install the 2-in-1 MultiJAMMA Switcher PCB into your JAMMA ready arcade cabinet (on cabinet floor is ideal if possible).

2 - Connect the 2-in-1 MultiJAMMA Switcher PCB into your JAMMA cabinets connector.

3 - Install your other JAMMA PCBs (or non-JAMMA PCBs with the use of a JAMMA Adapter) into one of the open 2-in-1 MultiJAMMA Switcher PCB slots (Slot farthest from the JAMMA connection is slot 1 / closest is slot 2). When plugging in the Jamma boards the front of the board (Front has the monitor port on it) goes to the front of the switch, the front of the switch has the two VGA input ports. 

4 - Power on your cabinet and enjoy!

Technical Notes: This swicher will not switch the video with the 400-in-1 Pandoras V2 PCB board using VGA video. In order to work with this board the VGA video need to be manually switched using a VGA switch box. Short of the video needing to be switch on a seporate switch all other functions will swich properly. If you are using a CGA tube monitor then there is no issues.

Monitor: If you are using a CGA monitor then you simply wire the monitor off of the Jamma harness, If you are using a VGA monitor then you have to set your Jamma boards to VGA then plug both of your Jamma boards VGA ports from the boards to the VGA input of the switch using a male to male VGA cord.


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