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Cocktail Table 1162 in 1 Jamma Game Board Complete Non Lighted buttons Kit

$ 289.99

This bundle includes the following, all brand new.

1- 1162 in 1 jamma game board. 

1-Power supply

1- Labled Jamma Harness

12- non Lighted Buttons with switches


1- Set of LED Lighted Player 1 &  Player 2 buttons with switches. (2 buttons)

2 - Non led black buttons for your service and test buttons inside the cabinet

4- Joystick of you choice.

    I have the 2/4/8 way style with the switch plate on the bottom that come in a Longer or Shorter shaft and with Black or Red ball handle.

    As well as the 4/8 bat style joysticks that also come in Black or Red.

 ***** Please email me at with your preference of buttons colors and joystick style and color.

 If you do not choose the color and type of joystick and color of buttons I will randomly pick colors that I think would look good together but not necessarily match your cabinet artwork, so please send me you preferences. 

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